Who is Duta?

Duta Events® is an event management company who strikes a balance between content, client and crowd satisfaction. Using professionalism and expertise, Duta Events® prides itself as a full service on ground management and consultancy.

We specialise in the market segment of SME, listening, knowing and understanding their needs at every moment. Seeing the potential and the importance of SME, we strive to be the ambassadors for this segment, to bring them the latest progress and updates from throughout the world, in order that this segment be able to truly achieve its capabilities.

We take pride in our many years of experience in organising the nation’s largest business and networking congress and also tailored nationwide road shows for renowned corporate clients.

We help to sharpen companies focus while achieving conceptual flexibility in order to maintain or even exceed our client’s standards and expectations.

Our services extend throughout the entire event lifecycle from conceptualisation, effective marketing, sponsorship management, show producer, business development, consultancy to participants profiling and invitation.

We believe in only delivering impactful sessions that provokes thought and stimulates conversation.

Our Approach

At Duta, we believe the success of an event lies on the topic presented and the ability to draw the targeted audience.

Our triple win policy is related to the beneficiary of our partners, sponsors; and also participants who has the opportunity to gain new insights base on interest when attending our events.

Matching the right crowd with the right occasion ensures that all stakeholders involved will be greatly inspired by the experience of the event.

The Directors


As one of the Directors of Duta Events®, she makes the right approach and comes up with strategic solution to overcome critical decisions.

Drawing from her vast experience in the retail, marketing, advertising and also media industry, she has developed a strong sense of perseverance and determination to achieve everything she dreamed of.

Amy injects her creativity into the business by spearheading lifestyle events on top of delivering targeted corporate functions.

Her previous experience in event management includes coordinating and managing events with high ranking government officials in attendance. Demanding protocols as such, requires an absolute eye for detail and her ability to adapt to any situation is one of her many forte in this line of work.


As one of the Directors of Duta Events®, Heng brings his talent of spotting the latest trends and turning them into the next big thing.

With his early experience in the advertising field, enabled him to grasp key concepts needed in the aspects of branding, events, marketing and business development.

Leaving his past job as a deputy CEO to embark on what he believes to be a “game changer” in the domestic events arena, Heng desires to continue his winning streak of demonstrating strong collaboration skills to drive positive revenue via successful events execution.

He once played a major role in organising one of the nation’s biggest enterprise get-together with over 1,000 quality participants in attendance and with such achievement speaks volumes of his ravishing interpersonal skills and eye for business opportunities.

Our Initiatives

The Malaysian Entrepreneurs Festival

The Malaysian Entrepreneurs Festival® is a business owner community which is based under a community series of events which are hosted across the country with the purpose of helping fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals via our festival. We educate, transform, inspire and motivate fellow entrepreneurs through the form of festival i.e events. We offer them invaluable resources via our leadership-development programs, entrepreneurs forum, business owners education opportunities, among other resources designed for business growth.

TMEF® has been an active platform in providing the latest info to the entrepreneurs and SME with conferences and roadshows. TMEF® have reach out to this group extensively in order that SME will play its role in the development of the country.

Learn More About TMEF®